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Millions of in-the-funnel car buyers come to Autobytel new car research sites every month. And that means more new car leads for your dealership salesmen... Buy new car leads at a cost per sale of around $275!*

On-Demand New Car Lead Estimate



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  • *$275 cost per sale number based on $22 lead price and estimated average 8% conversion rate.

Autobytel leads sell cars. LOTS of cars.

In fact, in our history, we've delivered nearly 60 million leads to our industry partners, resulting in millions of vehicles sold. With close rates in the 16 – 22%* range, we provide dealers with significant new car sales lead opportunities at roughly half of a dealer's normal marketing expense.

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With iControl, YOU are in control of your automotive leads. Configure multiple territories by lead source group and model, or a combination of both from our network of sites visited by millions of consumers each month. We provide you with data to make intelligent, fact-based decisions about your new car leads mix. Plus, we take care of the lead validation for you with our car lead scrubbing platform.

  • *Autobytel contracts with IHS Automotive, a leading provider of market insights and measurement solutions driven by Polk Data to statistically measure the performance of leads submitted through the Autobytel Network. Buy rates are calculated using a three‐month rolling average of 90 day close rates.

Key Features

Award winning new car leads at roughly half of a dealer's normal marketing expense.

Average historical close rates in the 16 - 22%* range, compared to estimated average automotive industry close rates of 6 - 8%.

Quality new car sales leads from millions of high intent automotive consumers in the Autobytel network. You choose which sites! Each lead passes through our car lead scrubbing tool, ensuring you see only the highest quality, validated leads.

Control the source groups of your leads and select three unique territories - both of which can be determined by specific vehicle models.

Track lead volume by time period, model, website source, and territory.

Make intelligent, fact-based decisions about your lead mix from robust reporting.

What Dealers Are Saying

Livermore Toyota had signed up with a competitive lead company to Autobytel, and after a few months, we decided to run the Autobytel program simultaneously to see which program performed better. The Autobytel program outperformed the competitor by far! In the first month, we closed just over 11% of Autobytel leads vs. 4% with the other company. After 3 months of running both programs, we saw that our profitability was better with Autobytel. We lost $1,000 overall with the other program, whereas with Autobytel, we made our money back four times over. As an added bonus, our Autobytel leads were resulting in more back-end product sales, and that is huge for us. Eventually, we cancelled with the other program, and we aare now exclusively using Autobytel as our only new vehicle 3rd party lead source.

Paul Hamilton
General Sales Manager
Livermore Toyota