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Think You Don't Need Third Party Car Sales Leads?  Think Again. Think You Don't Need Third Party Car Sales Leads? Think Again.

Through the years, there has been much debate about the value of third party leads, like those provided by AutoWeb, versus leads generated by dealers at their websites and through their own marketing efforts.

What AutoWeb has learned from our experience with thousands of dealer clients, OEM partners, and data based on the buying behaviors of millions of consumers, is that the most successful dealers diversify their lead mix to include those generated by third parties - a fact that still holds true today.

Here's why.

Car sales leads are our primary focus.

Running a successful dealership in today's market is challenging. Managing personnel, inventory, marketing, service and F&I departments, and vendor and customer relationships (among many other daily tasks), is a busy balancing act. While you may have a dedicated professional and/or outside agency responsible for your online marketing efforts, they, too, are busy juggling the many aspects of your digital strategies, including email and social media marketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing, video content generation, mobile optimization, and more.

Third party car sales leads, on the other hand, is our core business and we have spent the past 23 years since we pioneered the automotive Internet fine tuning this business. The reality is that today's consumers visit dozens of websites (which may or may not include yours), rely on third party websites due to the impartial nature of the information provided - often more so than dealer and OEM sites - and spend hours online researching their next vehicle purchase. Knowing how to reach them at the right place and time online, with the precise message that resonates is exactly the expertise upon which our business is built. The best part is that it's an affordable marketing expense for dealers who are interested in reaching consumers they simply can't reach with their own marketing budget and efforts.

Third party car leads come from a broader pool of local consumers.

Today's car buyers are notorious online shoppers and researchers who visit multiple websites, read independent reviews, rely on peer recommendations, and add and delete vehicles from their consideration set up to the point of purchase. In their search (which also includes the heavy use of search engines) they visit third party websites - and websites within third party networks - for unbiased vehicle perspective.

What's important to remember is that each and every month, millions and millions of consumers are actively researching their next vehicle purchase, including consumers in your market area. That is no guarantee, however, that they will visit YOUR website.

At the core of AutoWeb's third party car leads business is a proven ability to be smack dab in that pool of consumers on all the major search engines and in our network of sites visited by millions of consumers each month, with targeted and relevant messaging that converts local consumers into leads for your dealership. For perspective, we deliver leads to approximately 73% of all franchise dealers in the U.S. What's more, consumers submitting leads via AutoWeb's network accounted for over 3.5 million new retail sales from 2012-2017; that's 4% of all U.S. light vehicle new retail sales during that same time frame!

The bottom line? Third party car leads are an excellent way for dealers to reach a much larger pool of local car buyers, in addition to leads they generate at their own website.

We won't break your bank.

Third party car sales lead providers, like AutoWeb, do the heavy lifting required to reach a much larger pool of local consumers (for you!) at a fraction of the cost that it would require you to do the same. In turn, you reach larger volumes of local, in-market consumers without breaking the bank.

Simply put, if you're considering eliminating third party leads from YOUR mix, you might want to reconsider.

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