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Five Tips to Attract More Customers to Your Dealership Website Five Tips to Attract More Customers to Your Dealership Website

Understanding how to attract customers to your car dealership website is probably one of your most important marketing goals. Simply put, the mix of leads you generate from your own website, coupled with quality leads like those generated from AutoWeb, are an integral part of dealership operations today.

While there are plenty of companies that claim to know how to get customers to come to your dealership website, many fall short in delivering quality, high intent traffic that converts into actual car sales.

Below, we've outlined five important car dealership website marketing strategies to help attract more visitors to your dealership website - not tire kickers, but rather, consumers who are ready to sign on the dotted line.

Tip #1: Content is king.

Content continues to be one of your dealership website's most important assets, so be sure to publish informative, keyword-rich content on a routine basis. Blog posts (written by you or by guests), important dealership news, product videos, infographics, customer testimonials and videos, and data-rich articles about your dealership and your brand all make for great content. And don't forget to publicize your content on social media to engage a broader audience of potential customers.

Tip #2: Digital media solutions partners are important.

Beware of companies that over promise when it comes to high volume traffic. What you really want is a mix of quality traffic and volume and this comes from working with a qualified digital media solutions partner, like AutoWeb, that specializes in engaging low-funnel, relevant consumers with high purchase intent - a good partner with a proven track record of delivering high intent visitors to your site.

Tip #3: Internal links are valuable.

To attract customers to your car dealership website, remember that your internal website link structure is extremely valuable, if done right. When generating content for your website, pay attention to opportunities for internal links that direct visitors to other important areas of your website. In addition to boosting your SEO efforts, internal links make for a better user experience which is the foundation for increasing traffic.

Tip #4: Mobile is key.

A staggering 57% of all U.S. online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets*. That's why it's important that your site is both responsive and fast when it comes to a range of mobile devices. Nothing says "leave my site" better than forcing visitors to pinch and scroll their way around your dealership website or endlessly wait for pages to load on their smartphone, so be sure to optimize the technical aspects. Solicit the help of a web design specialist if you need to.

Tip #5: Email marketing is still your friend.

Even though it has evolved through the years, email marketing is still an effective driver of traffic to your dealership website. Today, email marketing is much more about relationship building over time versus focusing on instant conversions. Strategies as simple as personalized greetings or interactive content such as infographics, videos, and surveys can go a long way to driving deeper engagement, and building deeper relationships, with potential customers.

*BrightEdge, 2018 Mid-Year Mobile Research Roundup (2017)

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