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Make your dealership #1. Check here to see how many serious car buyers in your area are asking for the makes and models that you are selling.

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Many companies offer auto lead generation, but none can match the quality of Autobytel's automotive lead generation program. We can help provide auto leads directly to your dealership within minutes of the consumer submitting the lead. These real time leads have been thoroughly checked to make sure all the information contained is clean and correct. At Autobytel, we believe auto lead generation is crucial, but automobile sales are more important. The online automotive lead generation process from 3rd party websites like Autobytel.com can produce leads with excellent closing ratios.

Autobytel innovated automotive lead generation using the Internet way back in 1995. We are considered one of the industry's leaders for generating online automotive leads for the car dealer and manufacturer. But more importantly, Autobytel continues to pioneer new methods of getting auto leads direct to the dealer the most efficient way possible. While auto lead generation is important, the goal of Autobytel is to generate automobile sales for your dealership. That's why each and every lead goes through a quality check.

Auto Leads Direct to the Dealer

Autobytel has a real time Lead Estimator Tool to wet your appetite. Simply fill in the required fields including the automobile make your dealership sells along with the zip code of your car dealership. With this information Autobytel can calculate how many leads are estimated in that area. When you sign-up to receive auto leads direct from Autobytel you will be assigned an Account Manager. Our representative will work with you, the dealer, to design a program that fits your needs and wants. With Autobytel's iControl you control the type of automotive leads your car dealership will receive. You are in control of your targeted surrounding territory, lead source, as well as the specific models you receive leads for. Also you can choose to get new auto leads, used car leads, special financing leads, or all of the above.

Automotive Lead Generation

Autobytel has the ability to generate thousands of auto leads directly through our family of automotive websites and through various Search Engine Marketing channels. Beyond our web properties we get auto leads direct from affiliate websites. Our complete assortment of innovative marketing tools helps tracks your progress. Your closing rates will soar! Lead Call is a turn-key call program that turns Internet leads into dealership appointments. Autobytel has been providing auto lead generation to dealers across the country for years.