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WebLeads+™ Get more sales from your existing website traffic

Want to significantly increase lead volume from your dealership site?

It's easy with the Autobytel WebLeads+ Program!

  • Generate Incremental Sales from Your Dealership Website
  • Motivate Site Visitors with Dynamic Call to Action
  • Enable Customers to Rapidly Engage in the Purchase Process
  • Give Your Dealership a Second Chance to Capture the Customer
  • Provide Turn-key Implementation and High ROI

Consumers are presented with a customized coupon/offer formatted for easy lead request submission.

Choose from four attractive coupon designs.

How it works

Autobytel WebLeads+ motivates your site visitors with two dynamic calls action.

First: While Visiting Your Website

  1. Consumers visit your dealership website.
  2. They click on targeted areas of the site (eg. "pre-owned", "new cars", "specials").
  3. They are then presented with a customized coupon/offer formatted for easy lead request submission. (Unique visitors presented with a coupon once every 24 hours).
  4. Next time consumers submit a new or used vehicle quote request.
  5. Leads are set directly to your dealership management tool.

Second: After Leaving Your Website

  1. Even after a consumer leaves your site to surf the web, the WebLeads+ feature will keep your offer/request page live.
  2. The last web page the consumer sees before signing off is your dealership-branded offer/request page.
  3. Consumers have an easy option to re-engage with your site and this generates repeat branding opportunities for you.

What dealers are saying about it!...

I can report that although many market conditions have changed in the past 6 months, your WebLeads+ program has been a consistent, predictable and VERY AFFORDABLE source of quality leads for my department. Every week we can count on 15 to 20 shoppers choosing to contact us via the WebLeads+ program and many who chose to do so after they left our site! I appreciate you suggesting that we try adding it to your internet strategy and hope you continue to offer me products like it as they become available.

– Ty Lopez, E-COmmerce Fleet Director — Hyundai of New Port Richey, FL

Autobytel's WebLeads+ ramped up our website leads by 50% and our incremental sales have improved significantly. The quality of the lead and the speed in which it is delivered is head and shoulder above other third-party lead providers. Customers are always impressed by the quick response they receive and more times than not, we catch them while they are still in front of the computer. This is a key component to the sale and only made possible by Autobytel's WebLeads+.

– Russ Crumpton, Internet Sales Manager — Honda Cars of ROck Hill, SC