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SaleMove from Autobytel Redefining how customers interact with your Dealership

Communicate with Customers instantly using chat, voice or video as well as guided browsing.

Customer View

Customer selects communication

Select from chat, voice or video

Dealership engages with video chat

Video Chat Screen

Dealer View

See your Virtual Showroom in real-time

Virtual Showroom

Reach out to every online Up

Virtual Showroom 2

Steps to prepare your sales consultants to interact with your customers browsing your virtual showroom

  • 1 Starting the conversation

    Making/taking the initial approach

    Dealer Approach (Proactive)

    Approach a customer with an informed and personalized message

    Customer Approach (Reactive)

    Establish expertise and forge a connection with the customer

  • 2 Upgrading the conversation

    Using more than text-based chat

    Voice Leads To 10X The Conversion

    Upgrade chat to voice , video and interactive browsing to drive higher show rates

  • 3 Polishing the conversation

    Refining the messaging used with customers

    Building A Relationship

    Place the emphasis on listening to customers' needs and building relationships

    Being Attentive

    One-on-one interactions ensure that the customer feels attended and listened to

  • 4 Moving the conversation

    Engaging and captivating customers' interests

    Show Don't Just Tell

    Cobrowsing captures the customers attention significantly increasing average visit time

  • 5 Closing the conversation

    Ending with the concrete next steps for sale

    Collecting Contact Info

    This is the final step [instead of the first] once a relationship has been established

    Sales Consultant

    What's your name and number? I will arrange that test drive we discussed