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Quality Advantage™ Only the highest quality leads — all in-market, all incremental.

Are you tired of paying for invalid Internet leads you can't use?

Spend less time reconciling your billing and more time selling cars!

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How It Works – Dealer Scrubbing Enhancements:

Less stress and less hassle! Just log on to dealer.autobytel.com, click on the invalid leads with the reason for the return, and send them in bulk. It's an easy as that!

Quality Advantage means quality leads

De-Duplication for All Sources: Less reconciliation work for you means more time selling cars! We'll get copied on each incoming lead and check it against our database to make sure you haven't already received it. If we identify a duplicate from a third-party, we send it back to them on your behalf, instructing them to remove that lead from your bill. It's a win-win for you: we do all the deduping work and you do all the car-selling!

Autobytel's Quality Advantage Program makes sure you NEVER get a duplicate lead from us again! You will have three extra days after the close of each month to return invalid leads, plus new technology to identify duplicate leads from any third-party lead service, including your own website.

Every lead you receive will be an incremental once and you don't even have to lift a finger. Additionally, Autobytel's system notifies each third-party of duplicate leads and they get removed from your bill without you having to sift through everything.

How It Works

How it's different

Autobytel's Quality Advantage Program gives you the Autobytel Advantage: a one-stop-shop for de-duping all your leads and an easy online scrubbing tool, complete with detailed reporting. So you have more time to evaluate your leads. That means more flexibility and less stress.

Bottom Line

Autobytel takes the reconciliation work out of your hands so you spend more time selling cars and every single lead you get is a new potential car buyer!