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New Car Leads

New Car Lead Program

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Make your dealership #1. Check here to see how many serious car buyers in your area are asking for the makes and models that you are selling.

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Many new car leads are generated by automobile shoppers on the Internet. Thanks to the web, a savvy consumer has all the tools at their disposal to research new cars at any time day or night. Autobytel has over 15 years experience generating some of the highest quality new car sales leads anywhere on the Internet. We have multiple new car lead generating sources including our flagship website Autobytel.com as well as affiliate sites.

With each passing year, the reliance on the Internet for automobile research and ultimately new car lead generation keeps growing and growing. In fact the World Wide Web has overtaken print and television media as the most popular form of automotive advertising.1 As a car dealer it's important that you get your share of targeted new car sales leads. Autobytel can provide high quality new car leads that consistently turn into automobile sales.

1 Polk - The Role of the Internet in the New and Used Vehicle Purchase Process 2011

Autobytel's New Car Internet Marketing Program

In the vast landscape of online auto marketing we are a company with a unique perspective. This perspective explains why Autobytel has successful relationships with car dealers across the country. The secret is real simple. While most companies sell new car leads to dealers, Autobytel goes above and beyond to generate quality new car customers. But this is just the first thing Autobytel's New Car Marketing Program does.

It all starts with you, the automobile dealer. That's why your Autobytel Account Manager works to identify the new car sales leads requirements of your car dealership. Then your Account Manager helps to design a program that is right for you. Autobytel gives the car dealer the ability to control new car lead volume and define the territory boundaries with iControl which is a customized program keeps you in control.

Autobytel new car sales leads come from our family of popular consumer sites and marketing affiliates. And we are talking high quality new car lead generation of epic proportions.

Before sending a new car lead to a dealer, the Quality Verification system checks to make sure it's squeaky clean. Meaning we check each and every lead for a valid name, phone number, and email address. The whole point is to filter out the junk while maximizing the value of each new car lead.

Autobytel's Internet Marketing Toolkit

The suite of Autobytel Marketing tools is akin to adding 4 people to your staff to keep in touch with new car buying prospects. Lead Call is Autobytel's customized live call program to set in-dealership "VIP" appointments and score customer "readiness to buy." This adds up to happy car buyers and ecstatic salespeople. Email Manager Deluxe keeps you visible until the customer is ready to purchase by sending out emails at timed intervals, all the while keeping you in the loop every time one of those emails is opened.

Autobytel's new car lead program is designed to deliver real value and results in tons of sales. The sooner you put the marketing program to work for your dealership the sooner your sales should increase. You get real sales and real innovation on your new car sales leads from Autobytel.