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New Car Leads Program Real innovation means real results

When Autobytel launched the world's first automotive buying website in 1995, only a few visionaries foresaw the World Wide Web's marketing potential. And even they underestimated its capacity to connect companies and their customers.

However, online shopping is just a means, not an end. This distinction is the key to understanding the difference between the many online auto-marketing services. Most focus merely on generating leads. Autobytel has always focused on helping dealers sell cars.

Autobytel Firsts

  • First to use the Internet to bring car buyers and car dealers together!
  • First to provide custom messaging!
  • First to provide comprehensive lead quality verification!
  • First to provide an automated phone response program!
  • First to provide automated email responses!
  • First to launch a vertical automotive search experience!
  • First to bring you iControl and WebLeads!

Of course, more Autobytel innovations lie ahead. But count on one constant...They'll be geared to driving sales higher for your dealership.

Customized Program

  • An Autobytel Certified Account Manager works with you to access your dealership and customize your program — including consultation, training and performance coaching.
  • You're in control — you control lead volume, define your territory and always know how leads are performing.

Qualified Customers

  • Qualified customers come from Autobytel's popular consumer websites, its extensive online marketing network and high-impact marketing affiliates.
  • Autobytel's QVS® (Quality Verification System®) filters out consumers who are not ready-to-buy — and you don't pay for invalid or duplicate leads.
New Car Leads Chart

How do you measure real marketing innovation?

Let's face it — it's bottom-line performance. That means vehicles sold. The bottom line has always been top priority at Autobytel which is why Autobytel has consistently delivered high closing ratios and low marketing cost per-car sold to its dealers.

Just think — real innovation, real results. It's easy to get!

*With more dealers than any other online new car auto marketing service measured. Source: Survey.com, Oct 2007.

Marketing Toolkit

  • Custom Messaging promotes your dealership to customers online before and after lead submission.
  • Autobytel's Rapid Response℠ system puts you on the phone with customers first and fast, before your competition can get there.
  • Email Manager℠ keeps your dealership in touch with longer-term customers after their initial request and until they're ready to buy. Email Manager℠ also notifies you when customers view emails or click to visit your website.

†Source: Outsell 1/07 ‡Source: Cap Gemini 6/07, Polk/AutoTrader 10/07, Burst Media, 1/07