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iControl® Puts YOU in control, giving YOU market-based new car Internet leads to drive increased car sales and improved ROI.

Select your leads Configure multiple territories — It's all about you!

How it's different.

iControl by Autobytel gives you the control to control your leads and configure multiple territories by lead source group, model or a combination of both.

Choose By Lead Source

Category Type of Customer / Website
Research Sites
  • 100% automotive focused
  • Typically lower funnel, in-market customers
  • in-depth vehicle information, reviews, and shopping tools
"Quote" Sites
  • Connect consumers to dealers via quote form
  • Consumers usually acquired via paid search
Buying Sites
  • Automotive is included in suite of industries covered
  • Focus is on shopping/buying tips
  • Provide light automotive research and buying tools
Enthusiast Sites
  • "Gear Head" automotive enthusiasts
  • Traffic is typically not restricted to in-market consumers
  • Provide in-depth vehicle information and research tools
Portal Sites
  • General information with an automotive section
  • Provide in-depth vehicle research and information tools

Territory map

Choose by Territory

iControl by Autobytel lets you define three territories by zip code or radius so you can make smart territory choices that work with your inventory, demographics and geography.

Choose by Model

You select the models you want for each source group and territory so you push the vehicles you need to sell, due to high inventory, days on the lot, or other factors, while reducing or eliminating leads for those hot models that are already in high demand!

iControl Reporting Samples

Robust Reporting

Easy to access reports show you lead volume by time period, model, source and territory along with close rate data showing "Cost Per Vehicle Sold" by model, source and territory. Mapping shows you how many leads come from each of your territory zip codes and how each zip code performs. These reports give you the data you need to make the intelligent, fact-based decisions about your lead mix.

iControl Console

Each dealer has its own lead console that allows the dealer to determine the territory and lead source for every one of its models. You control where the leads come from, both in terms of geography and web site category.

iControl Reporting Samples

iControl, combined with the following optional enhancements, ensures you are getting the most effective use of your resources while maximizing your ROI.

  • Autobytel Advantage

    On-line lead scrubbing tool
  • Rapid Response

    Automated phone lead delivery alert
  • E-Mail Manager

    Dealership Branded follow up

What dealers are saying...

Autobytel's iControl is a very dolid tool to help me zero in on what is working within my market, and make adjustments to increase the strength of my opportunities. At the same time it also gives me the flexibility to highlight the vehicles that are popular right now, so I can reduce days to turn and earn more of those hot models. When it comes to hunting down solid opportunities online, I prefer to use a rifle as opposed to a shotgun; iControl provides me the chance to do just that.

– Matt Geil, Internet Manager Hedrick's Chevrolet — Clovis, CA