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Auto Dealer Leads Products

Autobytel's Suite of Products and Services

Autobytel has been providing leads to auto dealers since 1995. And as the world's first online automotive marketing and buying website, we continue to introduce new technologies and products to provide you with the very best car dealer leads in the industry. Each and every Autobytel product and service is designed with one thing in mind: to help you sell more cars, close more deals, get new customers and keep them for life! Autobytel offers a variety of groundbreaking advanced products to help not only capture auto dealer leads, but to convert these high quality car dealer leads into automobile sales. Read more about our dealer lead products below.

New Car Leads

Get quality new-car customers from our popular Autobytel sites plus our marketing network, which includes some of the most visited automotive sites on the Internet. To safeguard the quality of these leads, we send them through our rigorous Quality Verification System.

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iControl gives you precise control over the model, online lead source, and geographic origin of every auto lead you purchase.

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Used Car Leads

Take the hassle out of marketing your used-car inventory with the Autobytel Used-Car Program. Pay only for the online and phone leads you get - no monthly subscription fee and no listing fees!*

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Special Finance Leads

With over half the car-buying public suffering from credit problems, the Special Finance Leads program gives you a huge opportunity to capture customers with credit problems by giving them the ability to establish their credit and get a great vehicle. For you, this could be a customer for life!

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Lost Sales Reports

Did you know member dealers can request Lost Sales Reports from Autobytel? Autobytel internally generated leads close 40% higher than average.

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Autobytel Mobile

Autobytel Mobile has revolutionized the mobile automotive space by combining 6 different products into one all-encompassing suite of products. Autobytel TextLead enables dealers to have secure 2-way SMS/Text conversations. Autobytel Mobile Websites converts mobile phone users into leads, while incorporatating a means for your consumer to communicate via text. Autobytel Apps helps customers stay engaged with your dealership throughout the ownership cycle. Autobytel Send2Phone allows consumers to send vehicle listing to their phone. Autobytel Text Message Marketing provides texting services to dealerships. Autobytel Custom QR Codes offers unique branding opportunities.


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SaleMove From Autobytel

SaleMove is a real-time communication product that allows you to interact with consumers while they browse your website. Imagine having the ability to approach the user with a custom message then engage via video, phone, voice or chat.

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Get more sales from your existing web traffic. Enable customers to rapidly engage in the purchase request process.

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Payment Pro

Payment Pro allows consumer to submit basic information to determine credit qualification on a new or used vehicle.

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Email Manager Deluxe

Keep in touch with your long-term buyers. Autobytel's automated email marketing program sends your dealer-branded emails at timely intervals.

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Lead Call

Autobytel's Lead Call is a turn-key call program that turns Internet leads into dealership appointments.

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Quality Advantage™

Only the highest quality leads - all in-market and all incremental. Less stress and less hassle!

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Custom Messaging

Custom Messaging allows you to promote your Dealership's customized offers by marketing to online customers before, during, and after they submit a purchase request.

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* Not available in some states.